We can now offer delivery for customers in Taunton.

Please read our product and price list (please note minimum order is £20). If you would benefit from a home delivery service for any reason then please email including the following information:

1) Name, address, contact number

2) Instructions to find your home if not easily accessible plus instructions where to leave products if you're not in.

3) Product name and amounts (please accept there will be some flexibility within 10% margin due to our dispensing methods). For liquids please state your preferred container type (see below)

Once we receive your email, we will message you back to confirm your order. If you are outside of our catchment area we offer a collection service (see below).

Delivery Details

Most of your deliveries will now be done on our new electric bike! We are so pleased to be able to offer a sustainable, environmentally friendly day for deliveries that fits with our ethos.

We can deliver Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday within a 2 miles radius of the shop. If you have a preferred delivery day let us know when you order. If you are outside this area please message us to see what we can do.

Dried goods will be packed into our recycled paper bags, liquids will need to go into a donated (and sterilised) container, or a new jar/bottle which you can purchase - 370ml Jam Jars for £1 and 500ml juice style bottles for £1.50 – other purchasable container options can be accessed via the price-list.

We can run everything through the till and message you the amount and bank details - once payment is confirmed we will deliver your goods to your doorstep.

  • You also have the option to drop your empties to us with a shopping list and return later / the following day to collect the filled containers -

Jar Return

If we deliver in a jar or bottle please do try to return these to us to continue the circle

When placing orders, we will store the information provided including address, telephone number and email where relevant. This information will only be used in relation to your orders.We will not share this information with any 3rd partiesWe will not use this information to contact you for any other purpose than communications relating to your order, or where you have asked us to contact you with further information. By processing an order, you consent to us keeping this information stored in our secure email system and ordering spreadsheet