Lesser Litter is the UK's first fully staff serviced refill shop -

Bring your containers and we do the filling. No worries for you over spillages, mistakes, or working out how to operate the scales.

No container? No problem. Ask us for other options.

In Store Service

Wait at the counter while staff dispense your goods for you.

Container Drop-Off Service

Leave your labelled containers with us and collect at your convenience.

Pre-orders to collect

Use our website to browse our products, email your order to orders@lesserlitter.com and we will pack into paper bags, ready for you to collect the following day.


Visit this page for details of our local delivery service

Please see below for further details on each service

In-Store Service

You can bring your own clean bottles, containers and jars. We also have containers available to purchase or we can pack dry foods into recycled paper bags. To make it easier for you, label your containers in advance or bring a shopping list.

We weigh your empty containers, fill, re-weigh and charge for the contents. We will ask you to remove the lids of your containers where appropriate and let us know what you want in each.

We have a range of our household and beauty items for you to browse while you wait, along with a display stand of our food items.

Please read our product and price list to help you plan your shop. Our staff will also be able to help by answering any questions you have. Please feel free to email us hello@lesserlitter.com if you have any questions about the service or our products.

Container Drop Off

Leave your labelled containers with us and come back later to collect.

Label each container with which product you would like or write a shopping list. You can refer to our product list for a full list of items we stock. We will fill the container unless specified otherwise.

Come back at your convenience, the same day or following day. If you leave your mobile number we can text you when your order is ready.

If you use our drop off service, you don't need to email in advance. You are welcome to pick up other items when you come in to pay.

Pre-orders for Collection

Simply email us your order to orders@lesserlitter.com and we will pack it for you to collect. Please let us know the day and approximate time you wish to collect. Please state on your email if you wish to pay upon collection or if you would like to pay via BACS.

Read our product and price list. Please include in the email the product name and amounts (please accept there will be some flexibility within 10% margin due to our dispensing methods). For liquids please state your preferred container type (see below)

Dried goods will be packed into our recycled paper bags, liquids will need to go into a donated (and sterilised) container, or a new jar/bottle which you can purchase - 370ml Jam Jars for £1 and 500ml juice style bottles for £1.50 – other container options available for purchase can be accessed via the price-list.